Tax Law in Cape Verde

Tax Law is the set of laws that regulate the collection of taxes, as well as their inspection, regulates the legal relationships established between the State and the taxpayer, with regard to the collection of taxes. This area of law is responsible for determining and inspecting the collection of taxes, such as fees and taxes, and its main function is to combat possible abuses by the tax authorities and to control the payment of taxpayers. In Cape Verde, the tax area is legally regulated by Law no. 47/VIII/2013 of 20 December, which approves the General Tax Code, by Law no. 48/VIII/2013 of 20 December, which approves the of Tax Procedure Code and by Law no. 49/VIII/2013 of 26 December, which approves the Tax Enforcement Code. With many years of experience in the market, through its professional performance, technical knowledge and expertise, the team of lawyers at CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, is already used to dealing with the various aspects of the tax area with excellence and efficiency, and offers a wide range of services to its clients, mainly, consultancy and/or legal advice, in several areas.

How Can We Help?

At CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, we can provide legal assistance for any subject related to tax law in Cape Verde, such as Tax Litigation, Double Taxation, Corporate tax, and others.If you need assistance, just click the button below and reach out to us, or call us at +238 2422510.

Tax Consulting in Cape Verde

In our law office, tax consultancy is developed side by side with clients, based on the main characteristics and particularities of the business. In this way, it is possible to guide clients in a much more precise, coherent and strategic way. This intimate approach allows you to reap several benefits through our consultancy process, namely, reduction of taxation costs, allowing the development of more efficient planning, prioritizing cost depletion based on the tax framework, adaptation to current legislation, reduction of operational risks, especially with the undue payment of taxes, non-compliance with legislation due to ignorance or errors in the execution of the sector’s processes.

Double Taxation in Cape Verde

Paying taxes twice is something that nobody wants, and the main objective of our law firm is to keep its clients always informed and updated about the agreements ratified by Cape Verde with other countries in this matter, so that the client being taxpayer pays a fair amount to his taxes, thus avoiding being penalized with the tax issues of both countries, the country in which he resides and his country of origin.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Cape Verde

The mergers and acquisitions advisory area of CMA – Carla Monteiro e Associados, combines the experience of our team in mergers and acquisitions operations, acquisitions of equity interests, business lines, brands, assets, among other transactions, we offer a range of services taxes for investors in corporate and private equity funds, covering all phases of transactions; We provide support in the scope of Project Financing and Corporate Restoration, advising clients on the financial operations necessary to ensure the resources inherent to the project, given that the form of financing of the project influences its profitability, enhances investment decisions and can determine the project feasibility;

Tax Litigation

At CMA – Carla Monteiro e Associados, we advise companies and individuals in the field of tax litigation, from the administrative stage to the judicial appeal stage. Tax litigation can be related to all types of taxes and the experience of our team reflects this reality, including personal and corporate income taxes, Value Added Tax, Stamp Duty, wealth taxes, excise and customs duties, transfer pricing, tax benefits, charges, fees and contributions.

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