Social Security Law in Cape Verde

Social Security constitutes one of the fundamental rights of citizens and is one of the main responsibilities of the State. It is the State’s responsibility, through the adoption of national social protection policies, to ensure that all citizens have access to social security in order to maintain a sustainable standard of living in the face of an absence of, or substantial reduction in, income from work as a result of various contingencies (illness, maternity, occupational accident, old age, disability, death). Social protection in Cape Verde is ensured by the National Institute of Social Security (INPS) with the support of the state. The main mission is to protect individuals against the risks that determine the loss or reduction of their capacity for work, providing them with substitute income when affected by these social risks and creating conditions for their dignity and social insertion.

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The legislation on social security in Cape Verde

The right to social security is enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Cape Verde in the Chapter on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Duties, according to which, everyone has the right to social security for protection against unemployment, illness, disability, old age, orphanhood, widowhood and in all situations of lack of means of subsistence or capacity. In Cape Verde, we also have some separate legislation on this matter, such as:

  • Law 131/V/2001 of 22 January that defines the bases of social protection;
  • Decree Law nr 49/2009, of November 23rd , regulating the social protection of domestic service professionals;
  • Decree-law no. 50/2009 of 30 November 2009 amending decree-law no. 5/2004 approving the application bases of the social protection system for employees;

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