Litigation and Arbitration Laws in Cape Verde

General litigation is used to describe everything that may be the object of a dispute or conflict of interest. Therefore, when it is not resolved by alternative methods, the conflict is taken to the judiciary for the situation to be decided. Arbitration operates as an essential instrument and complementary to the judicial courts. It is presented as a means of extrajudicial resolution of disputes in a swift, effective manner with the purpose of achieving justice through an impartial third party, that is, one or more arbitrators chosen with the purpose of resolving disputes relating to available rights, whose decisions have the same effect as judicial rulings. In this context, if you need a lawyer to defend your interests in court proceedings in the most diverse areas or even in arbitration proceedings, you can look for the law firm CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, which will provide you with the necessary support and guidance for the resolution of any disputes.

Judicial Recovery of Credits

CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados lawyers are experts in the area of credit recovery, adopting appropriate judicial measures for the recovery and collection of credits, for which it carries out the following work:

  • Assessment as to the feasibility of recovery of the credits;
  • Procedures for patrimonial survey (searches for movable and immovable patrimonial assets, searches for regularity of registration of assets with the competent bodies);
  • Analysis of liabilities and assets;
  • Elaboration of adequate credit instruments for debt repayment through judicial (or extra-judicial) agreement.

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If you need a lawyer to defend your interests in court proceedings in the most diverse areas or even in arbitration proceedings or litigation, our law firm CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados will provide you with the necessary support and guidance for the resolution of any disputes. Click the button below and reach out to us, or call us at +238 2422510.

Civil and corporate litigation in Cape Verde

Our Law Office acts directly in the most diverse civil and corporate litigation demands, participating in the definition and development of strategies, aligned with excellence and efficiency. It also acts in a preventive way, analyzing all the alternatives to avoid a certain path or to define the path to be followed at the beginning of the litigation by issuing legal opinion with the most varied hypotheses of interpretation and application of the law to the case at hand, in this sense is the work of CMA:

  • Provide ongoing advice during all stages of the process;
  • Acting in court proceedings in all instances, and if possible, filing all applicable and necessary appeals;
  • Participate in meetings, conciliation and discussion and trial hearings.

Arbitration and Mediation

CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, tries to adapt to the demands of its clients, analysing the market which is more and more dynamic, in this sense CMA provides the following services:

  • Legal advice in order to advise the client on whether initiating arbitration/mediation is recommended or not as well as the potential risks of doing so.
  • Both arbitration and mediation represent alternative forms of conflict resolution by means of agreements and when there are agreements there is also time saving, less wear and tear between the parties and it is in this perspective that CMA provides legal advice in order to ensure agility and help to solve the conflict with much more tranquility.

Homologation and Enforcement of Foreign Judicial and Arbitral Awards in Cape Verde

The homologation of foreign sentences is a procedure that aims at giving validity to a foreign judicial act. It is the recognition, by a judicial or administrative authority, of private acts performed abroad, in order to have legal validity in Cape Verde. Therefore, anyone who may be affected by a judicial decision rendered by a foreign authority must apply for homologation of the decision. CMA handles the homologation process so that the decision rendered by judges abroad can have efficacy in the national territory and thus be executed as if it were a Cape Verdean sentence.

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