Labour Law in Cape Verde

We have all heard the famous popular expression “work dignifies the man”. This is because those who work acquire moral rights that are only acquired by those who have an economic function. Nowadays, almost everyone works because that is where the remuneration for each one’s livelihood comes from. Within this path, it becomes necessary to regulate labour relations, and this is done precisely through labour law. In labour law we have a set of labour laws, such as the Constitution of the Republic of Cape Verde, the Labour Code and the Labour Procedure Code, which enshrine fundamental and inviolable rights that must govern these labour relations, in addition to regulating the labour relations themselves between the worker and employees and regulating the activity of the jurisdictional bodies in resolving individual or collective disputes. Therefore, in case of violation of these rights, CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, is prepared to help anyone, in order to defend their legally protected rights and interests.

How Can We Help?

The offices of CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados are staffed by a competent team, available to receive and assist clients in almost all specific areas of law, including labour law. To know more,just click the button below and reach out to us, or call us at +238 2422510.

Employment Contracts In Cape Verde

  • Advice regarding the formalisation of employment contracts: contractual arrangements and clauses best suited to the needs of the company, operation and structure of each company.
  • Advice on the various aspects of the employment relationship.

Consulting for the Prevention, Administration and Elimination of Contingencies

  • Preparation and follow-up of disciplinary procedures;
  • Advice on termination of employment contracts in any legal form.

Human Resources Administration and Remuneration Policies

  • Helping companies to adapt their human resources sectors to legal requirements;
  • Consultancy on labour law issues, analysis and drafting of contracts, agreements and opinions.

Collective Law and Trade Union Relations

  • Negotiation of collective instruments to regulate labour relations.
  • Restructuring and reorganisation: restructuring operations, reorganisation, partial or total closures of undertakings and collective dismissals.
  • Relations with workers’ representatives, both in normal company life and in circumstances of industrial conflict.
  • Relations with trade unions and workers’ committees, a fundamental part in the development of labour relations within the company.

Expatriates to Cape Verde

  • CMA is also concerned with foreigners who choose the Cape Verde market to work, in this sense we provide legal support regarding clarification of the types of contracts, forms and tax benefits that exist in our legal system.
  • We also provide legal advice from the application stage to obtaining the work and residence visa itself.

Due Diligencie

  • Legal support aimed at understanding whether the figures and procedures presented by a company reflect its market reality, its potential and risks for the near and long future;
  • Carrying out a complete analysis of the company’s market positioning.


  • We advise in the defence of our clients’ interests in the most varied instances, ensuring all judicial steps for the success of our constituents.
  • The CMA contests legal actions in the scope of illegal dismissal processes, among others that may arise.
  • We represent companies and individuals in legal proceedings and administrative offence proceedings.

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