Insurance Law in Cape Verde

Insurance Law is the branch of law that governs the set of rules and principles of contractual insurance relationships between individuals. Insurance Law is an area present in the daily lives of people, public and private organizations, because every activity, whether human or not, presupposes a minimum risk (an unpredictable and abnormal event, capable of causing damage to people and property), that needs to be taken care of. In Cape Verde, Insurance Law complies with extensive legislation, such as the General Regime for the Insurance Contract approved by Decree-Law number 35/2010, of 6 September, which provides for the Insurance Contract as an agreement through of which the insurer, by means of a remuneration called a premium, assumes the coverage of certain risks, committing to satisfy the indemnities or to pay the insured capital in the event of an accident, under the agreed terms. Likewise, the Policy cannot be forgotten as a relevant Institute, as it is understood, by many, as the insurance contract itself, since it translates a written document that formalizes it.

Insurance Modality

The General Regime of the Insurance Contract provides for different modalities of insurance, namely: Insurance for people who cover risks related to life, personal accidents and health; Damage insurance that regulates civil liability, fire, housing, transport of things, financial and legal protection, among others. CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, as a law firm that deals with Insurance Law in Cabo Verde, is made up of a multifaceted team of professionals of excellence who work in this area and throughout the national territory of Cabo Verde. With an office on the island of Sal, entrance to Santa Maria and in Largo Santa Isabel, city of Sal Rei in Island of Boa Vista, it provides legal services to clients operating in this sector.

How Can We Help?

At CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, we can provide legal assistance for any subject related to insurance law in Cape Verde, including negotiations, claims settlement, reinsurance and others. If you need assistance, just click the button below and reach out to us, or call us at +238 2422510.

Claims settlement in Cape Verde

Aiming at a detailed analysis of the accident, based on its regulation, it aims to determine the causes and circumstances surrounding the occurrence of the accident, and what the consequences, in terms of insurance coverage and contractual obligations, may result from this accident.

Consultancy in Insurance, Reinsurance and Right of Return in Cape Verde

CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, offers a consultancy service on the conclusion of an insurance contract, reinsurance contracts (partial or total transfer of the risk assumed to another insurer, through the issuance of one or more policies) and on the return of the any amount paid as compensation.

Insurance Negotiations

Our Law Office provides legal consultancy services, in everything that is insurance negotiation, and always in compliance with the applicable legal norms and rules.

Litigation and Arbitration in Cape Verde

CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados acts in proceedings before the judicial courts as well as in ad hoc arbitrations, always maintaining a relationship with our clients driven by a policy of proximity and permanent dialogue, defending their interests in conflict situations, providing advice to prevent possible disputes and, if they are unavoidable, providing them with all assistance under the best possible conditions.

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