Insolvency Law in Cape Verde

With all the problems the world has been facing, it is normal that the number of companies in difficulty increases. Therefore, the economic and financial stability of the company is an essential element for it to function continuously, however, it must be taken into account that this stability may disappear giving rise to an economic crisis. In this context, the decision to opt for recovery or insolvency will be taken in the light of the economic conditions in which the company finds itself.

Corporate Recovery and Insolvency in Cape Verde

CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, having experience in corporate recovery and insolvency cases in Cape Verde, is qualified to provide legal assistance and consultancy on various issues in this area such as:

  • Assistance to Creditors;
  • Strategies in Corporate Recovery Processes;
  • Legal Assistance for Court Administrators;
  • Consulting in Economic and Financial Crisis Situations;
  • Restructuring of Liabilities.

How Can We Help?

CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados is present throughout the national territory with offices in the City of Santa Maria on Sal Island and in the City of Sal Rei on Boa Vista Island. With trained professionals who are committed to their responsibilities, we offer the necessary services to clients operating in this sector.
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Assistance to Creditors in Cape Verde

CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, both in recovery and insolvency proceedings, analyses the specific circumstances of each case and seeks to find solutions that are more favourable to creditors. Therefore, in a corporate recovery case, CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, may assist or intervene in the agreement process that the creditor may reach with the debtor, as well as in the insolvency process, it may assist and intervene in the universal judicial execution process in order to satisfy the creditor’s debt through the liquidation of the insolvent debtor’s assets.

Strategies in Corporate Recovery Processes

With the world economy in turmoil, it is necessary that companies create strategies that allow them to go through troubled periods without permanently closing down. Among the various attitudes that can be adopted, it is necessary to adopt strategies in the recovery process. CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, being aware that the process of corporate recovery can be a very tiring process for those who take part in it, provides recovery consultancy for companies so that they can survive periods of crisis, facilitating companies in this type of process.

Legal Assistance for Court Administrators

Often, the trustee, in view of the complexity of the procedures adopted in insolvency and reorganisation proceedings, may not be able to understand certain legal issues, and may require assistance. CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados provides assistance to judicial administrators in all matters requiring it.

Consulting in Economic and Financial Crisis Situations

Several realities may lead companies to face economic and financial crises. Thus, it is necessary to contain the impacts of the crisis in order to preserve the maintenance of the company and minimise losses. CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados, offers consultancy to its clients in economic and financial crisis situations, assessing the risks, impacts and responsibilities of such an event for the company and also a possible impact to all people who are part of that reality, finding solutions to such problems, either through negotiation techniques or through the adoption of extrajudicial measures, among others that may be necessary.

Restructuring of Liabilities

The companies are driven as much by money as by expenses, so liability restructuring takes on a very important role in financial planning and even crisis management. A good restructuring of liabilities is only possible by those who know the legal world. Therefore, CMA – Carla Monteiro & Associados is qualified to provide the necessary assistance in the liabilities restructuring process, analysing the debts, namely their size, the impact they have on the company and finding the best way to pay them.

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