Disability Pension and Sickness Allowance

Carla Monteiro

Tuesday, 01 Aug 2023

Disability Pension and Sickness Allowance

The individual insured by Social Security, facing an unexpected risk that results in incapacity for work, will be supported by the benefit of continued provision in the form of disability retirement, having their wages replaced by the payment of the benefit in order to maintain their subsistence.

Thus, as the individual who becomes temporarily incapacitated for work will be supported with a sickness allowance.

Difference between disability pension and sickness allowance

Disability pension is a cash benefit granted to insured persons, who, before reaching the legal age for the benefit of the old-age pension, are definitively incapacitated for the exercise of work activity, while the sickness allowance is a cash benefit intended for the beneficiary, to compensate for loss of salary resulting from temporary incapacity for work due to natural or direct illness.

From the supralegal precept, it is inferred that the disability pension is attributed to permanent incapacity and is for life, while the sickness subsidy is attributed to temporary incapacity and for a certain period of time.

Who are these two benefits for?

The disability pension is intended for the insured person who, not being of retirement age, is definitively unable to carry out work.

The sickness allowance is intended for insured persons and pensioners who carry out a paid professional activity, for insured persons authorized to accompany a sick family member who has been evacuated when there is no other person in a position to do so, including insured persons who accompany their children in hospital.

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Necessary requirements to qualify for these benefits:

In case of disability pension:

– Have completed the warranty period (5 calendar years), consecutive or interpolated, with registration of remunerations;

-Have definitive incapacity for the exercise of a professional activity equal to or greater than 66% and that is not the result of an accident at work or occupational disease, and this incapacity for work must be recognized by the Commission for the Verification of Disability (CVI);

– Be younger than the required age for old-age pension.

In the case of sickness allowance:

– Be registered with the INPS (National Social Security Institute);

– Having a temporary incapacity for work, resulting from a natural or direct illness, and this incapacity being certified by a recognized physician belonging to the public service staff or agreed by the management entity;

– Fill in the Guarantee Period, which is 4 months in a row or interpolated with a record of wages, on the date of onset of incapacity for work;

– Complete the Professionality Index;

– Have contributions paid up to the 2nd month immediately prior to the onset of disability, in the case of Self-Employed Workers.

Where are they required?

The application for the disability pension and the application for sickness subsidy are made at the INPS (National Institute of Social Security).

When do you receive the disability pension and the sickness allowance?

The beneficiary starts to enjoy the disability pension from the date of decision taken by the Disability Verification Commission (CVI), if another date is not expressly indicated. This pension is due monthly, and it becomes an old-age pension as soon as the pensioner reaches the age for its attribution.

Before receiving the sickness subsidy, the law provides for a waiting period to be able to benefit from this subsidy, which varies depending on whether you are an employee or self-employed.

The period for which sickness benefit is granted depends on the duration of the illness and is subject to maximum periods.

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